Saturday, December 1, 2012

{Backtracking} Project #18: A View to a TNT

My holy grail is to develop a stable of TNT patterns for all the basic garments I like to wear. Ideally, I like to have patterns for a pair of pants, a basic t-shirt, a woven shirt or blouse, a shift dress and a straight skirt.

I chose this pattern from Burda WOF (xxxx). I liked the casual feel and thought it could be a pretty versatile skirt for me. I don't really have need for a formal skirt in my line of work, and I definitely don't need one when I have my SAHM hat on, so this one was perfect.

I made it up in a super-simple-to-sew cotton with a tiny floral print that didn't require any matching at all. I was looking for the easiest project in the world. I took my time with the details, knowing that I would be coming back to this skirt over and over.

I don't know why I feel compelled to include all these photos other than they exist! LOL.
It's really hot here ATM, so you're getting no make up and frizzy hair.

For this first version, I omitted the cargo pocket. It just wouldn't have looked right in my fabric anyway. I took care to stabilise the pocket edges with fusible seam tape so they wouldn't gape. I changed the order of construction with the waistband to allow for easy alterations in the future. I used Debbie Cook's Fly Front Tutorial (which I use for every single fly front that I sew). Finally, I used a technique I learned from the Threads Insider CD to mitre the uneven corners inside the walking vents.

I'm fairly sure I would have added some extra width to the front and omitted the darts, but it was a little while ago now and I can't remember. I'll have to check the pattern when I sew up another one, because I have no doubt that there will be more.

Next time, I'll need to be sure that the waistband is snug, as this one is a little loose. It's pretty easy to take in, but it's not dire yet. I'll wait until after Christmas, I think, before adjusting any waistbands! LOL.

It sat in the wardrobe for a while because I didn't have a top to wear with it, but I bought a couple of plain t-shirts last week that work with it. So now I can at least wear it for shopping and school pick-ups. I think I need to make a better blouse to wear with it if I'm going to wear it to work.


  1. Nice skirt. It is great to have TNT patterns.

  2. I have eyed off that pattern too. It looks great Kelley! The styling with the tees and beads looks fab!

  3. A lovely skirt Kelley, you are doing a great job on your way to your TNT patterns. I need a skirt like this for casual wear.

  4. for your shift dress might i suggest butterick 5147. I am on the same mission to have staple items and so far i have created a pencil skirt from draft! and a shift dress from B5147.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have a look at tat one. I've actually got the Sure Fit Designs dress kit sitting here waiting to be used, so I'm going to start with that one, then use it to fit any other dresses (and, hopefully, skirts) that I want to sew.