Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kelley's Queue for March

Gearing up for winter and finishing off a few loose ends:

Loose Ends:
  1. handsewing on the 5 tops I nearly finished this last weekend
  2. brown Ottobre skirt
  3. Beige Pants

New Wardrobe Items:

  1. Dress or two
  2. Pants
  3. Skirts
  4. Peasant Blouses

Winter Ottobre Plans for DD

I'm feeling a little guilty that I haven't sewn anything of note for DD this year (just one little nightie). I've got heaps of plans bubbling away for Ottobre patterns that I want to sew for her this winter. I have a feeling she won't be fitting into many of last winter's clothes, so I will probably need to be sewing her something!

Anyway, I thought I'd keep all the inspiration pictures here so that when I'm ready to put it together, I can come back here and update the process...



Long Sleeved Tops:





That's a lot of clothes for one winter, particularly since she'll be wearing school uniforms most of the time. However, it's only for inspiration, and so I don't forget which patterns I wanted to try. I also need to find a pattern for a fairly plain pull-over style hoodie to use up some of the fleece that I have sitting in my stash cupboard.

I'm figuring for winter, she'll need:

Dresses: 1

Pinafore: 1

Tops: 4

Skirts: 2

Pants: 2

Coat: 1

Jacket/Jumper: 2

Poncho: 2

PJs: 4

Leggings: 5