Friday, November 30, 2012

Stash Projects #19 - 22: Summer Pyjamas

It's been a while since I've posted a proper sewn garment. I HAVE been sewing lots, but I've been finding it difficult to keep up with the photos. I took a bunch yesterday so I've got a few things to show you over the next week or so.

I've been trying to keep on track with my "50 Stash Projects" and have been fairly successful. I've been mainly sewing pretty simple garments, but they're what we need at the moment and it's still putting my stash fabric to good use.

So, when the weather turned suddenly hot here, my DD found herself without suitable sleepwear. Luckily, the stash came to the rescue...

I tried to use up all the odds and ends of fabrics, so I concentrated on making sleep shorts and paired them with RTW t-shirts. I did have visions of appliqueing wonderful designs on the tops to tie the whole ensembles together, but DD nixed that idea. So, plain tops and simple shorts it is.

I used the Ottobre "Sleep Well" pants pattern as a starting point for these shorts. I made them with a little more ease (1/2" added to each side seam), dropped the front waistband significantly (DD likes to wear her shorts under her tummy still! Toddler Style at its best!) and added a soft stretchy yoga style waistband. Obviously, I also significantly shortened the legs! LOL. I found that I had to ease the pants into the waistband a little, simply stretching it out as I sewed the two together wasn't enough.

Pattern for Shorts (Ottobre 06-2011-40):

I've made 2 pairs of shorts from this: the Yellow Polka Dot pair (#19) and the Ruffly Cupcake pair (#20). I don't have photos of those. Apparently, DD is getting reluctant to have her photo taken so I choose my battles. Simple PJ shorts isn't a battle I'm prepared to fight just yet! :-)

And, because I'm an indulgent mother, I agreed to make a set from this pretty pink/purple floral cotton which had been given to me when DD was a baby. There was just too much fabric to make just the shorts. I thought it would make a pretty blouse for DD, but she really wanted a pyjama set.

I'd already traced out the Ottobre 06-2011-39 Pyjama Top in a fit of madness, so I used that for the top and the standard shorts for the bottom.

Pattern for Top (Ottobre 06-2011-39):

All was going well with this pattern, until I attempted to put in the sleeves. They just weren't comfortable for DD to sleep in. She's normally averse to sleeveless garments, but it was the best option in this case. At first, I thought it was because DD isn't used to wearing woven garments, but I tried putting in knit sleeves, and they didn't feel any better. I think what's happened is I must have sewn the tucks a little too deep and that's added up to a narrower-than-expected front bodice. In the end, the top is working well with no sleeves, so it IS getting worn.

Here is DD in the final outcome. I had to pounce on her as soon as she got up, before she was even really aware I was taking photos. There was still some resistance, but she was too sleepy to put up much of a fuss! LOL.

Pink/Purple Pyjama Set

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pants Fitting: A New Video

If you recall the pants muslin I showed a few posts ago, you'll remember that the pant legs on my first muslin were swinging in towards the inseam, leaving some fairly obvious drag lines. I showed (pretty briefly) the alteration I had to make to straighten up those legs and the end result in my next muslin.
Now, I'm not one for tutorials, mainly because I have such a slapdash approach to most of my sewing, there's no real point in taking progress photos as there's no guarantee that anything will actually work out.
However, if you were interested in seeing that alteration in more detail, you're in luck! Glenda, the owner of Sure Fit Designs, has put together a video outlining the process. Just click on the picture below to watch the video. It's not that long, and she explains the alteration beautifully!


While you are there, have a poke around all the other videos that Glenda has made. There's such a wealth of knowledge available to us, it's amazing.
(Just as a disclaimer: I am not affliated with SFD in any way. I'm just a happy customer who is super impressed with the results I've achieved using their pants kit and the customer service I've received.)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

No photos this time: Regaining Focus

Just trying to gain some focus here...I went on a cutting binge last week and, so, have a few garments ready to hit the sewing machine... I am gearing up to put the nose to the grindstone today so hopefully will be able to update this list a little by tonight.

In the final stages (only need a little bit of work to finish):
  • Knit dress for MIL - DONE
  • PJ top for DD - DONE
  • Chocolate brown pants for me - DONE
Work in progress (needs a fair bit of work to finish):
  • Chocolate brown linen dress
  • {Crochet Project} Jenny King poncho - DONE
  • {Knitting Project} Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan
Currently cut out and waiting for construction:
  • Denim capris
  • Denim skirt
  • Floral skirt
  • PJ shorts (x3) for DD
  • Maxi dress for DD
  • Art Caddy (Christmas gift)
  • Purple Knit Top - Test for Vogue 8649 - DONE
  • Olive Knit Top - Test for New Look 6648
Projects which need to be cut and completed soon:
  • Jalie Scarf Top (Christmas gift) - DONE
  • Car Seat Organiser
  • Knitting bag and Needle Roll
  • Second knit dress for MIL
  • Tops to go with the pants and skirts I've been making! :-)
On the good news front, I can add to my completed stash projects tally. I sewed a Halloween costume for DD totally from stash. No pictures, though. What kind of mother sews her daughter a cute Halloween costume, decorates the house even, and doesn't take any photos at all?