Thursday, November 1, 2012

No photos this time: Regaining Focus

Just trying to gain some focus here...I went on a cutting binge last week and, so, have a few garments ready to hit the sewing machine... I am gearing up to put the nose to the grindstone today so hopefully will be able to update this list a little by tonight.

In the final stages (only need a little bit of work to finish):
  • Knit dress for MIL - DONE
  • PJ top for DD - DONE
  • Chocolate brown pants for me - DONE
Work in progress (needs a fair bit of work to finish):
  • Chocolate brown linen dress
  • {Crochet Project} Jenny King poncho - DONE
  • {Knitting Project} Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan
Currently cut out and waiting for construction:
  • Denim capris
  • Denim skirt
  • Floral skirt
  • PJ shorts (x3) for DD
  • Maxi dress for DD
  • Art Caddy (Christmas gift)
  • Purple Knit Top - Test for Vogue 8649 - DONE
  • Olive Knit Top - Test for New Look 6648
Projects which need to be cut and completed soon:
  • Jalie Scarf Top (Christmas gift) - DONE
  • Car Seat Organiser
  • Knitting bag and Needle Roll
  • Second knit dress for MIL
  • Tops to go with the pants and skirts I've been making! :-)
On the good news front, I can add to my completed stash projects tally. I sewed a Halloween costume for DD totally from stash. No pictures, though. What kind of mother sews her daughter a cute Halloween costume, decorates the house even, and doesn't take any photos at all?

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