Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finished the dress for my friend

Here is the maternity dress that I made for my friend. It was a bit of a learning curve. Not only had I not sewn this pattern before, but it didn't fit to start with AND I had to convert it to maternity. The trouble was she wanted a dress copied and I have no idea how to do that - particularly since she didn't want an EXACT copy anyway. So we did the best we could.

I did an FBA (she's an F-cup) and added a bit on the sides. Originally, I added in some width across the tummy to allow for expansion, but she didn't want it that loose, so I took that out. I ended up just rounding the bottom hem at the CF.

The good news is that she loves it.

OK. It's back to sewing for me now. I have made a few knit garments since I finished DF's dress. Nothing spectacular, just some good wardrobe basics in black double knit. I'm up to 7 garments finished this month.

I just spent last night pulling out all the knits that I have in the stash which are suitable for tops - and matching them up with patterns. I really need some new tops. I always seem to make bottoms - and then have nothing to wear them with. So, to that end, I am going to concentrate on tops for the rest of this month.

Friday, April 10, 2009

April Sewing So Far

It's Good Friday and the start of school holidays. I can see some sewing time coming up...in the distance! LOL.

Anyway, I can cross off a couple of items from my April sewing queue: I'm up to 4 garments sewn for this month, already.

  • DD Tracksuit pants for school are DONE - 3 pairs
  • Maternity Dress for friend is DONE

After making a TON of alterations to this dress - had to adjust for size, do a FBA, then convert to maternity - it turned out quite well. It's tied back fairly tightly in the picture above. I'm just grateful and relieved that she likes it. I was so nervous sewing for someone other than my family. She plans to wear it with knee-high boots and a denim jacket this winter.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Sewing Queue

  1. Enter a garment in the knit contest on Pattern Review
  2. Participate in the panty sew-a-long with Sigrid
  3. Participate in the jeans sew-a-long on Pattern Review
  4. Learn how to sew a classic women's shirt with Alison
  5. Attend my first meeting of the Australian Sewing Guild
  6. Learn how to do free motion quilting

Big goals - but I'm very excited about each of them.

Here are the garments I've got in the queue - kind of order of priority to start with, then not! Garments in red are completed!

  1. Tracksuit pants for DD's school uniform (3 pairs) - Butterick 3955 (TNT pattern)
  2. Maternity Dress for GF - Kwiksew 3533
  3. Long-sleeved knit top - Simplicity 4076 Wrap Top - Animal Mesh and Chocolate Rayon Jersey (TNT pattern)
  4. Jeans - Ottobre or McCalls - haven't decided yet
  5. Panties - Kwiksew 2100 (TNT pattern) - maybe 4 pairs?
  6. Shirt - Kwiksew ? - Peach stretch poplin
  7. Knit Pants - McCalls 5434 - Camel Ponte de Roma
  8. Knit Pants - McCalls 5434 - Black Ponte de Roma
  9. Red Knit Skirt - Kwiksew 3412 - Red Ponte de Roma
  10. Black Knit Skirt - McCalls 5434 - Black Ponte de Roma
  11. Black Knit Skirt - Kwiksew 3412 - Black Ponte de Roma
  12. Knit Skirt - either Kwiksew 3412 or McCalls 5434 - Camel Ponte de Roma
  13. Brown T-shirt - Ottobre TNT T-shirt 2/2007 #4 - Chocolate and Olive Interlock
  14. Peasant Blouse - New Look 6179 - Kharki and Multi-coloured floral cotton
  15. Wide Legged Pants for DD - Burda ? - Retro printed drill
  16. Pants with ruffle for DD - Butterick 3955 - Pink Animal printed drill
  17. Wrap Skirt - Ottobre 2/2006 - #10
  18. Long-sleeved knit top - Burda WOF 12/2008 #113
  19. Straight Skirt - Ottobre ? - to practice Hong Kong seam finish
  20. Knit Wrap Dress - New Look ? - Peacock jersey (muslin first)
  21. Doll's Quilt for DD
  22. Costume for gift in May (fairy or mermaid?)

March Round Up

I'm pretty stoked at how productive I've been throughout March. I haven't been blogging regularly, but I HAVE been sewing! I'm starting to conquer that steep learning curve that is the Babylock Evolve and I really like it now. Of course, I've still busted out my old Janome Mylock to help speed up the sewing process at times.

I'll post pics when I get a bit more organised, but for now...I present the list of 11 completed garments in March 2009!
  1. Aqua Sleeveless Knit Top - Ottobre 2/2006 #2 (made sleeveless) - really just an exercise in learning how to use my new binder attachment.
  2. Red Print T-shirt - using my now TNT t-shirt pattern - Ottobre 2/2007 #4/3 hybrid
  3. Purple Dots T-shirt
  4. Cream T-shirt
  5. Latte Slub Knit T-shirt
  6. Navy Knit Pants - McCalls 5434 - I've got big plans for this pattern come April.
  7. Strapless Top - McCalls 5434 - made to use up a small remnant - won't bother making again
  8. Spindle Dress - Ottobre 2/2009 #8 - AWFUL - but inserted elastic under the bust and am now wearing it as a nightie - super comfy, but not a look I'd be wearing out of the house on my body.
  9. Brown Wrap Skirt - Ottobre 2/2006 #10 - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. It was a bit of a bear for me to sew, but I'm fairly certain that was user error. I'm planning to make a few more of these over the coming months as they transition between seasons well. I'm thinking this skirt with my knee high boots.
  10. Cupcake Drill pants for DD
  11. Ladybug Drill pants for DD

I did do the majority of work on 3 pairs of tracksuit pants for DD for her school uniform but since they are not officially complete, they'll be waiting until next month's list.

I've also been working on fitting a dress for a pregnant friend. THAT'S been a huge learning curve, as I had to enlarge the pattern to start with, do a FBA AND convert the pattern to maternity. I have to have it finished by next week as she wants to wear it on their holiday at Easter. No pressure!