Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Round Up

I'm pretty stoked at how productive I've been throughout March. I haven't been blogging regularly, but I HAVE been sewing! I'm starting to conquer that steep learning curve that is the Babylock Evolve and I really like it now. Of course, I've still busted out my old Janome Mylock to help speed up the sewing process at times.

I'll post pics when I get a bit more organised, but for now...I present the list of 11 completed garments in March 2009!
  1. Aqua Sleeveless Knit Top - Ottobre 2/2006 #2 (made sleeveless) - really just an exercise in learning how to use my new binder attachment.
  2. Red Print T-shirt - using my now TNT t-shirt pattern - Ottobre 2/2007 #4/3 hybrid
  3. Purple Dots T-shirt
  4. Cream T-shirt
  5. Latte Slub Knit T-shirt
  6. Navy Knit Pants - McCalls 5434 - I've got big plans for this pattern come April.
  7. Strapless Top - McCalls 5434 - made to use up a small remnant - won't bother making again
  8. Spindle Dress - Ottobre 2/2009 #8 - AWFUL - but inserted elastic under the bust and am now wearing it as a nightie - super comfy, but not a look I'd be wearing out of the house on my body.
  9. Brown Wrap Skirt - Ottobre 2/2006 #10 - LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. It was a bit of a bear for me to sew, but I'm fairly certain that was user error. I'm planning to make a few more of these over the coming months as they transition between seasons well. I'm thinking this skirt with my knee high boots.
  10. Cupcake Drill pants for DD
  11. Ladybug Drill pants for DD

I did do the majority of work on 3 pairs of tracksuit pants for DD for her school uniform but since they are not officially complete, they'll be waiting until next month's list.

I've also been working on fitting a dress for a pregnant friend. THAT'S been a huge learning curve, as I had to enlarge the pattern to start with, do a FBA AND convert the pattern to maternity. I have to have it finished by next week as she wants to wear it on their holiday at Easter. No pressure!

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