Sunday, December 20, 2009

January Sewing Queue: Summary

So, to sum up (as I think I've completely overwhelmed myself) my goals for January 2010 are:
  1. Swimsuit (or 2) for me
  2. Underwear for me
  3. Swimsuit (or 2) for DD
  4. Underwear for DD
  5. Gym shirts for me
  6. Gym shorts/Yoga pants for me
  7. PJs for me
  8. Boxers for DH
  9. PJs for DD
  10. Art Caddy for DD - UNDERWAY
  11. Lunch Bags (x2) for me
  12. Sequin skirts for dancing school

I'll let you know how I go. I think I've compiled an absolutely ridiculous list, but seeing as though there's no sewing police, it just doesn't matter. As long as it keeps me from wasting my sewing time, I'm good with that.

January Sewing Queue: Other Bits and Pieces

Of course, I'll be trying to sew up a few UFOs (and trying not to add any more).

Other than the swimwear, exercise wear and lingerie, there are a couple of other projects I'd like to fit into January if I get the chance...

First, I'd like to finish up this Art Caddy I'm making for DD. I finished cutting it out this morning, so I may even get it done before the New Year.

Second, I'd like to sew a couple of these lunchbags so that I get into the habit of taking my own lunch to work more often.

I bought both of these patterns from You Can Make This, along with a Weekender Bag pattern that I'm just NOT going to include in my January plans. I'm hoping to make it up in the first quarter of 2010 so I can use it as a work bag - we'll see how that pans out.

Then, I'd like to sew up a ton of the sequin circle skirts for the dancing school - just to get ahead before I go back to work.

January Sewing Queue: Lingerie and Sleepwear

Lingerie Sewing:

I don't particularly want to enter the Lingerie contest, but I am mindful of the fact that I need to be sewing up my lingerie stash. It's not doing me any good sitting in the cupboard. I've also been hoarding cute cotton/lycras to make underwear for DD. I can see a panty TNT coming up.

Again, I've just bought a Jalie pattern for underwear, so I'll be giving this a lash (for me and DD).

The Otto panty pattern worked fairly well for me, but I've also got a few other patterns floating around. The problem is that I have never seen one of them through to the TNT stage. Most of them fit pretty good, but not perfectly. I think if you're going to sew your own underwear then PERFECT fit is the goal.

In the recent Jalie pattern haul, I also acquired this shapewear pattern. I'm not sure I'll get to it this January, but it's worth including here, just in case. It doesn't look too difficult, it's just a matter of finding the time.

I also need some PJs, so they'll be in the list, too.

I've seen this made up as a nightie, which could be fun.

I've also always wanted to make this dress up as a nightie in a soft knit. Maybe the top in a knit would be cute with some matching knit boxers.

Some inspiration pictures for the sleepwear project! (I've been saving these pictures for a long time and have no idea where I have collected them from. I'm fairly sure some of them are from the Little MissMatched website, though.)

Could use one of cami patterns from Otto for the top and the Jazz pants pattern for the bottom of that one.

If I get to it, I'll make up some sleepwear for DD as well. She's covered for the minute, but is growing like a bean. I'm fairly sure she'll be OK for summer, but winter PJs will be another story. Of course, buying clothes for her is easy and inexpensive, so that's always an option.

AND, last but not least, I'll be sewing some boxers for DH. I was supposed to get to them as part of his Christmas present, but that's not going to happen, so I'll be doing those in January. Hopefully, once I've got the pattern and construction ironed out, I'll be able to sew him up a few pairs. I've got a few lengths of suitable fabric here and it would be good to use it all up. (2 of the pieces are in the first basket of target fabrics).

January Sewing Queue: Exercise Wear

As far as outfits for the gym are concerned, I'm fairly comfortable in loose shorts and t-shirts - no tight fitting garments for me! I thought I might give these patterns a go:

For the summer months, I thought I'd just use the Otto Jazz pants pattern and cut it off to shorts length. I'm planning on doing some of the Body Balance and Yoga classes so a couple of longer pair would be fine, too.

I've got a whole lot of cotton/lycra knits in stash, so I'll be using them up for the tops, however, I'm still searching for the perfect fabric for the bottoms. I want breathability, but no cling, and I also want the ability to find a consistent source.

I'm thinking about ordering some Supplex fabric (290 g/m2), hoping that will be heavy enough. The description they give is "It is naturally absorbent to keep fabrics dry, comfortable and anti-static. It also releases stubborn stains in the wash and keeps dirt in the wash water away from the fabric." Sounds perfect to me - as long as the weight is good. I'll be ordering some of that in the new year.

I'll also need to get some wider elastic - I've heard that's a good finish for the waistband. I don't have anything wide enough in stash, but that's easy to fix.

January Sewing Queue: Swimwear

There's an Activewear competition running on Pattern Review for January 2010 as well as the start of a Lingerie competition halfway through the month. Over at PR, they're changing the way the prizes are awarded in contests, making 2nd place a random drawing, which seems like a bit of fun. First place is awarded on votes, as usual. Given the change, I thought I might enter a few of the contests next year. I wouldn't have a hope of winning normally, and, while that's not the reason I would enter the contest, a chance gives me a little more motivation to see things through.


With that said, what would I sew in the Activewear area? I need a new swimsuit, as well as some outfits for the gym, so that's a good start. I've just come into possession of a new Jalie swimsuit pattern, so that seems like the logical place to start. I've also got another couple of tankini patterns I've been wanting to sew for a while.

Given that I have a heap of printed nylon lycra, I really should sew up a few more swimsuits for DD. I'd like to give the Jalie pattern a go for her, as well as the standard Kwik Sew patterns I usually use...

It's so easy to whip up a swimsuit for DD, though, that I'd really like to set a goal to sew at least one for myself.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Sewing Update

DD Christmas Skirt - DONE

Pretty Ditty Apron - CUT OUT - DONE
Fairy Skirt - CUT OUT - DONE

DH's Boxers - May be relegated until after Christmas at this rate
DSIL's Bag - Have purchased and wrapped another gift so may do this one for her birthday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Musing about next year's goals

I feel as though I've been fairly productive this year. I've certainly sewn a lot of projects, but I'm still drowning in fabric. Part of the problem is that I can't throw anything away, and the other (main) part is that I keep buying more fabric. I really should learn. Anyway, the bottom line is that the amount of fabric I have is starting to stress me out so my goals for next year will involve sewing down my stash.

My First Goal: Targeted Fabrics

I've picked out a few fabrics and set them aside. I'm going to sew things from those fabrics (I can add other fabrics according to the project) until they are all gone. The fabrics (and tentative plans) are:
  1. Lime green organza with gold foil stars (Christmas Skirt for Iyla, Pretty Ditty Christmas Apron?)
  2. White stretch cotton sateen (capri pants for DD)
  3. White voile with gold stars and diagonal lines (peasant blouse for DD)
  4. Pink glitter organza (Fairy Skirt for DN)
  5. Aqua Blue with cute dogs satin-y fabric (PJs for DD, Boxers for DH)
  6. Pink Paisley satin-y fabric (Boxers for DH)
  7. Blue/Green/Yellow/White stretch cotton sateen (Ruffle back Otto skirt for DD)
  8. Green Fairy Drill (Art Caddy for DN)
  9. Blue Bubble Drill (Art Caddy for DD)
  10. Chocolate Brown with multi-coloured birds/geo design (Pretty Ditty Apron for Mum)

My Second Goal: Lingerie Fabric Stash Reduction

I need to sew down my lingerie fabric stash until it fits in one box. It's mainly for underpants for me so I'll need to get cracking on perfecting that TNT. THEN I'll be able to whip those babies out.

My Third Goal: Swimwear Fabric Stash Reduction

I want to sew down my swimwear fabric stash until it fits into 2 boxes. I've got a whole bunch of printed lycras that need to be used up. I also need some new swimsuits - so there's a match! Of course, sewing swimsuits for my DD is quite addictive. There's no fit issues and she always looks cute. However, I need to bite this bullet. I also want to order some sun protection lycra and I can't justify doing that until I at least get the current lycra stash under control.

My Fourth (and last for now) Goal: Dancing Fabric Stash Reduction

Finally, I want to sew up most of the dancing fabric stash. I'm not sure how much longer DD will be dancing so I need to get this stuff sewn up now while it's still useful. I also have a whole bunch of the pink sequin fabric - I know I'll be making more of those circle skirts so I may just get a head start over the Christmas school holidays.

Phew, it seems like a lot but I know I need direction in my sewing otherwise I flounder and fritter my time away. I may never achieve all these goals, but I like the way they keep me somewhat focused.

Christmas Sewing List

I know I've only got another couple of weeks to go, but I've made a fair dint in the list already. I'm only listing what I've got to go...

  • Boxers for DH
  • Bag for DSIL
  • Pretty Ditty Apron for Mum
  • Christmas Skirt for DD
  • Fairy Skirt for DN