Sunday, December 20, 2009

January Sewing Queue: Exercise Wear

As far as outfits for the gym are concerned, I'm fairly comfortable in loose shorts and t-shirts - no tight fitting garments for me! I thought I might give these patterns a go:

For the summer months, I thought I'd just use the Otto Jazz pants pattern and cut it off to shorts length. I'm planning on doing some of the Body Balance and Yoga classes so a couple of longer pair would be fine, too.

I've got a whole lot of cotton/lycra knits in stash, so I'll be using them up for the tops, however, I'm still searching for the perfect fabric for the bottoms. I want breathability, but no cling, and I also want the ability to find a consistent source.

I'm thinking about ordering some Supplex fabric (290 g/m2), hoping that will be heavy enough. The description they give is "It is naturally absorbent to keep fabrics dry, comfortable and anti-static. It also releases stubborn stains in the wash and keeps dirt in the wash water away from the fabric." Sounds perfect to me - as long as the weight is good. I'll be ordering some of that in the new year.

I'll also need to get some wider elastic - I've heard that's a good finish for the waistband. I don't have anything wide enough in stash, but that's easy to fix.

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