Sunday, December 20, 2009

January Sewing Queue: Lingerie and Sleepwear

Lingerie Sewing:

I don't particularly want to enter the Lingerie contest, but I am mindful of the fact that I need to be sewing up my lingerie stash. It's not doing me any good sitting in the cupboard. I've also been hoarding cute cotton/lycras to make underwear for DD. I can see a panty TNT coming up.

Again, I've just bought a Jalie pattern for underwear, so I'll be giving this a lash (for me and DD).

The Otto panty pattern worked fairly well for me, but I've also got a few other patterns floating around. The problem is that I have never seen one of them through to the TNT stage. Most of them fit pretty good, but not perfectly. I think if you're going to sew your own underwear then PERFECT fit is the goal.

In the recent Jalie pattern haul, I also acquired this shapewear pattern. I'm not sure I'll get to it this January, but it's worth including here, just in case. It doesn't look too difficult, it's just a matter of finding the time.

I also need some PJs, so they'll be in the list, too.

I've seen this made up as a nightie, which could be fun.

I've also always wanted to make this dress up as a nightie in a soft knit. Maybe the top in a knit would be cute with some matching knit boxers.

Some inspiration pictures for the sleepwear project! (I've been saving these pictures for a long time and have no idea where I have collected them from. I'm fairly sure some of them are from the Little MissMatched website, though.)

Could use one of cami patterns from Otto for the top and the Jazz pants pattern for the bottom of that one.

If I get to it, I'll make up some sleepwear for DD as well. She's covered for the minute, but is growing like a bean. I'm fairly sure she'll be OK for summer, but winter PJs will be another story. Of course, buying clothes for her is easy and inexpensive, so that's always an option.

AND, last but not least, I'll be sewing some boxers for DH. I was supposed to get to them as part of his Christmas present, but that's not going to happen, so I'll be doing those in January. Hopefully, once I've got the pattern and construction ironed out, I'll be able to sew him up a few pairs. I've got a few lengths of suitable fabric here and it would be good to use it all up. (2 of the pieces are in the first basket of target fabrics).

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