Friday, March 7, 2014

I AM alive and I have been sewing...

Nothing flash, but wanted to keep a bit of a visual record of what I've been sewing lately...

First up is a series of tops I made based on a RTW top I bought from Autograph last year. I loved the style, but unfortunately, the original top developed little holes all over it after only a month or two. It really just confirmed why I sew.

Anyway, I've actually made 4 tops but one of them was a wadder due to poor fabric choice. It was a mystery cotton blend that just grew widthways until the neckline would have fit over my hips! Yikes!

I look REALLY cranky here, don't I? I'm not that unhappy, my 'photographer' took the shot before I was ready. There's a reason I usually use a tripod and timer! LOL.

I love this version best of all. It's made from a slightly stretchy mesh fabric I bought at Spotlight late last year. Obviously it's very transparent and, rather than waiting until I had the motivation to sew a cream tank to wear under it, I just bought one.


It's not been ALL selfish sewing - I've been working on a very involved patchwork floor cushion for my daughter (I'm NOT a quilter and have the lack of skills to show for it!). When I hit a roadblock in that project (lack of black continuous zipper), I decided to dig through the UFO bin and found these PJ shorts that I'd cut out in December 2012. Time clearly wasn't on my side, but I just sewed them up with tiny seam allowances and they fit fine.

Then I quickly traced off an Ottobre pattern (04-2013-33 - 'Ruler' raglan t-shirt) and made a matching top from some scraps I had lying around. I really was using this as a wearable muslin for this year's winter t-shirts. She has nothing to wear for winter! Nothing! And I'm too tight to pay for plain t-shirts when, with a good pattern, they can be made so quickly and with a much higher quality. I loathe twisted seams and that's all it seems you get with store bought t-shirts these days.

I'm fairly sure there's been other sewing, but I can't remember right at the moment. I may update once it comes back to me. Until then, I'm back to work on the Minecraft cushion.