Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another Basic T-Shirt - Inspired by fabric...and what to sew next?

So, I picked up this gorgeous printed knit at Spotlight not that long ago. It was perfect for another 'Tilton Tee'...or so I thought. In my excitement over the colours and design, I neglected to think about the stretch.

For the most part it was OK; I've fitted my pattern to need minimal stretch in the knit. But when combining different fabrics, some with obviously more stretch than others, sewing in the sleeve becomes problematic. It took me several attempts to get it halfway decent, and so I left it and moved on.

It's not perfect, but I was over it by this stage, and couldn't see how I could get it any better. It feels nice to wear and I'm pretty happy with the fabric combination, too.

 I've got nothing further to say...same pattern as the previous 2 versions, used techniques learnt in the Tilton sisters' class on Craftsy, yada yada...

Up next is a wrap dress made from (appropriately stretchy) knit. I'm currently deciding between this pattern (Ottobre 05/2013/07)

and this pattern (Petite Plus Easy Wrap Dress) - with a 3/4 sleeve