Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Jalie Scarf Top

This one doesn't count in the Stash Garment tally, as I only bought the fabric a few weeks ago from Spotlight. Initially, I thought I might use it for my mum's Christmas top, but thought a plain one was more versatile for her. I didn't want to add this fabric to the stash, so I sewed it up at the same time as the other one. It's a thin, poly knit with a slight sheen to it. It makes a nice work top for me (only because I work in air conditioning, otherwise the polyester content would make me cook!)

I've sewn this top for me before and, other than shortening the sleeves, have made no other adjustments or changes.


  1. Another great scarf top! Makes me want to dig out my pattern again. I want to make one with a shortened scarf a bit like a sailor top (if that makes any sense)..

    1. Thanks, Sue. I'm really enjoying the fact that I have some TNT patterns now. Certainly makes sewing a lot more fun for me.

      A shortened scarf sounds interesting.

      I've been considering turning this pattern into a cardigan at some stage, too. What do you think of that?