Sunday, December 2, 2012

Projects #23 and 24: Glittery and Shiny Things

The next 2 projects are going to set the world on fire with my excellent sewing skills, BUT they did the trick which was to make DD happy. I fully embraced the 'costume sewing' standard of viewing the end product in the dark while its wearer is bolting from house to house with a bucket full of lollies! Nevertheless, the fabric is gone from my stash, so it counts, right?

Project #23: The black sequin circle skirt.

Back in a former rendition of my life, I sewed quite a few circle skirts from sequin fabric for my DD's dancing school. They are super easy to make and fun to wear. Now, DD doesn't do dancing any more, but apparently, she felt the need for a black sequin circle skirt recently. It just so happened that there was a piece just large enough in the scraps bag, so the skirt was cut out.

It sat on top of the pile for a few days when, just this morning, as I was looking over the sewing list and wondering when I was ever going to find time to sew up all these planned garments, it occured to me that I had an hour before anyone else would be getting up. Perfect! I shut the doors to my sewing room so I didn't wake anyone, and stitched up the skirt in 20 minutes. Boom! One thing off my sewing list, and onto the 'Sew a Garment from Stash or Marg will Rouse' list. ;-)

Project #24: Halloween Costume - AKA The Sparkly Vampire!

For this project, I received a brief in the form of a highly detailed and labeled drawing. Items were very specific, so I didn't have much room to move. LOL. Luckily, I've trained my girl in the art of simplicity so nothing was very difficult. All fabrics came from the leftover dance fabrics I've been storing (for no particular reason).

The costume consisted of a silver sequin tunic (I used Ottobre 03-2009-32), a black tulle tutu (major usage of the ruffler foot went on with this piece, but not a lot of planning) and a sparkly red cape (essentially a giant rectangle gathered onto a piece of ribbon - easy peasy!). She wore tights with this ensemble as the skirt is scandalously short - and a bit see-through. I didn't get a picture on the night (it was dark and raining) but I promise to do better next year!

I'm counting this one as one project as there was nowhere near enough to call it three!

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