Monday, December 10, 2012

Not Another New Hobby?

I totally blame this on Sue. I specifically asked her to stop me from picking up a new hobby when we went to the Stitches and Craft Show! So what did she do? Dragged me along to the Jenny King Designs stall where they were displaying the most gorgeous crocheted garments I'd seen. Ever.

Technically, I guess I'm not BRAND new to crochet, so I guess purchasing the yarn and crochet hook to create a Collette Poncho wasn't REALLY taking up a new hobby. But it sure feels like it. I've taken to it with the fervour of the newly-converted. In no time flat, I'd finished my first Collette, made from Handspun Recycled Sari Silk. Of course, it's completely the wrong time to year to finish something like this (which is why I'm not wearing any make-up and my hair is having a shocker in the photos). But I can't wait to bust it out next year when the weather turns good again. ;-)

Then, because if I like something, then obviously everyone else will too, I made one for my work Secret Santa gift. This one, because I was operating within a strict budget is made from a cotton/viscose blend yarn I bought at Spotlight. I think I actually prefer this one, but that's more about the colour than anything else.

I've already bought yarn to make another one, but I think I might attempt something else first. I don't want to wear out this pattern's welcome.

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