Sunday, December 2, 2012

Projects #25, 26 and 27: Pants and Sunshine!

I wanted to make a couple of 'real' pants from my Sure Fit Designs blueprint before it got too hot. I'm not sure I got that happening in time, but at least they'll be ready for next year.

After getting a great fit on my last muslin, I followed the instructions that come with the kit and drew up a pattern for an elastic waist pair of pants. What was interesting about this exercise is comparing the fit achieved when sewing with different fabrics.

For the first pair, the chocolate brown ones, the fabric was a good weight and drape for pants, but contained some lycra. I ended up having to take these in at the sides a fair bit. I also got some wrinkles on the back which indicated to me that the back crotch length wasn't perfect. They felt comfortable, but needed a little scooping. The photos I've included here are 'pre-scoop'. They look much better now.

For the second pair, I used a linen/cotton blend (with NO stretch) which I purchased earlier this year from The Fabric Store. I LOVE this fabric and have been waiting until I got a pants pattern sorted out before cutting into it. I didn't want to waste it on yet another pants disaster. I'm happy to say, I think I managed to avoid the disaster. Interestingly with these, I didn't have to take them in at the sides, nor do I think I need to scoop the back crotch at all. I've just pinned the hem in these photos, because I just couldn't wait any longer to take photos. Rest assured, the pants are now hemmed and hanging in the guest room cupboard along with all my other clothes that are too hot to wear!

Coming up next with the pants pattern is adapting it to reflect some current designs. I need some new shorts and capris, so I'm endeavouring to use my SFD blueprint to get a good fit with those. I've been looking around at other patterns and RTW garments to gain some inspiration. I think I want to tackle adding some pockets, slanted ones at the front and welt ones at the back and slimming the legs down a bit. I've not sewn a welt pocket before so that will be a new skill to work on.

Project #27: Yet another Hot Patterns Sunshine Top (worn above with the linen pants)

I think this is officially my 10th rendition of this top. Even my husband recognises the pattern now, but I'm not letting that slow me down. I have some serious love for this pattern. It's the most comfortable and easy top pattern I own.

Most of the previous Sunshine tops (and dresses) I've made have been in a printed knit, with the exception of one. That plain one got flogged to death and got retired last year. I've been meaning to add a few other plain ones for ages. This chocolate brown one is the first out of the blocks. I've got another couple cut out, just need to find the time to sew them up!

And, just like that, I'm over halfway in my Stash Project misson. ! Yay!


  1. You're making progress on your pants - those look really good. I've been intensely working on pants fitting for the last 3 months, so I know what you're going thru.

    1. Thanks, Beverly. I really want to get these perfect as I'd like to use them as the base for a slim leg pair.

  2. The pants and the top are both great. I hear you on the plain fabric vs prints. I get sucked into making a lot of print tops/dresses, but find I actually wear the plain fabrics ones more! Well done on achieving the 1/2 way mark in your stash project.