Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Project #28: Sewing for my Mum

When my mum commented on my Jalie scarf collar top, a plan starting hatching in my mind. "Aha!" I thought, "There's an excellent idea for a Christmas present!" You see, my mum is a fabulous handmade-gift-recipient. She appreciates the thought, time, effort and expense because she's crafty herself.
I was a bit nervous with this top, though, as we are quite different in size and I didn't want to ask for measurements as that would give the game away. In the end, I just went down a few sizes from the one I normally make for myself and crossed my fingers.
I bought this fabric from The Fabric Store ages ago. It's a gorgeous colour and weight, but it gave me fits to sew. The curling at the edges was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I conquered it with lots of pins, breaks, swearing and wine! LOL. It's much like childbirth, though, because as soon as the final stitch was in, I didn't care anymore. :-)
Fortunately, we celebrated Christmas early with my family so I got to see the top on. This is further proof that my mum is handmade-gift-worthy - she didn't bat an eyelid when I asked her to try it on straight away so I could take photos. LOL. She decided it 'couldn't be more perfect'. I LOVE getting gifts right! :-)

Here Mum is pretending to be a supermodel. I swear we hadn't had more than 2 wines by this point! LOL.
 The other benefit is that now I know her 'Jalie Size', I'll be able to make her a few other garments. All secret, of course! ;-)


  1. Great top - your mum is lucky - you got the fit right too. Very nice indeed.

  2. Gorgeous colour for your Mum - what a great gift!

  3. So cute, your mother really IS a supermodel. Just the right color for her, too.