Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pants Fitting: A New Video

If you recall the pants muslin I showed a few posts ago, you'll remember that the pant legs on my first muslin were swinging in towards the inseam, leaving some fairly obvious drag lines. I showed (pretty briefly) the alteration I had to make to straighten up those legs and the end result in my next muslin.
Now, I'm not one for tutorials, mainly because I have such a slapdash approach to most of my sewing, there's no real point in taking progress photos as there's no guarantee that anything will actually work out.
However, if you were interested in seeing that alteration in more detail, you're in luck! Glenda, the owner of Sure Fit Designs, has put together a video outlining the process. Just click on the picture below to watch the video. It's not that long, and she explains the alteration beautifully!


While you are there, have a poke around all the other videos that Glenda has made. There's such a wealth of knowledge available to us, it's amazing.
(Just as a disclaimer: I am not affliated with SFD in any way. I'm just a happy customer who is super impressed with the results I've achieved using their pants kit and the customer service I've received.)

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  1. Kelley, thanks for posting this for us all. It is a great tutorial and your pants look great.