Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project 8 & 9 of 50: Monkey Pyjamas

My daughter and my husband have a running joke about monkeys. Hence the monkey flannel for these pyjamas.

I looked hard through my collection for a really simple shirt that I could use for a pyjama top. Ottobre didn't have one in all the issues I own. I didn't have one in any of the envelope patterns I own, so I turned to Burda. I found one potential winner, but it was probably going to be too small. I was ALMOST going to buy a pattern just so I could make up this monkey flannel and get it out of the stash, but I held strong and stayed true to my original goal (not to buy any fabric or patterns until I've sewn 50 projects). I came close, I had all the justifications happening in my head, but, thankfully, didn't follow through on that impulse.

So, here's the next two projects (and I'm totally counting these as two projects):

PJ Top

Pattern: Burda Style Magazine 12-2010-135
Size: 128, with added 1.5cm width at hip, blending up to armscye
Fabric: Monkey Flannel

The pattern worked well for a simple PJ top. The instructions weren't even too bad, for Burda. They are too short in the body, but that's my fault. I normally sew a 134 in length for DD, but forgot to make that adjustment on these PJs. It's OK, though, she always wears a t-shirt under these kind of tops when she goes to bed anyway.

I made some piping from the chocolate Stella knit that I used for the yoga band on the pants, just to tie in the two pieces more effectively. I hadn't made piping with a knit before, so I was pleasantly surprised how well it worked.

PJ Bottoms

Pattern: Ottobre 06-2011-40 (TNT pattern for 2012)
Size: 134
Fabric: Monkey Flannel

I didn't have quite enough fabric to cut these according to the pattern, so I folded out 2" at the top of the front and back pieces. I then sewed a yoga style waistband made from stretchy cotton lycra to the top.

Lessons Learned

I learned a couple of lessons while sewing these PJs...

1.     Just because there are SOME elements of the pattern printed both ways, it doesn't mean the print is multi-directional. It pays to take notice of how many go each way. I think there are three or four monkeys in total on both garments who are right way up.

 2.     Life is TOO SHORT to sew button-up PJ tops, but I wanted this fabric out of my stash and my DD wanted some monkey pyjamas. Going forward, there will be PJ pants sewn and paired with a long-sleeved t-shirt - more comfortable and easier to sew. :-)

Just to show that I wasn't kidding yesterday about my DD always climbing! Apparently, the monkey pyjamas are highly appropriate! Sometimes, I really wish we had trees in our yard. Unfortunately, DD has to settle for climbing up these pillars unless we go to the park.

This is what makes it all worthwhile. She is still at that age where she loves the clothes I sew for her. I'm milking it for all it's worth at the moment. I know it won't last forever.


  1. These look SO professional! I'm sure the monkeys face that way, so the wearer sees them right way up ;)

  2. With Marg - I was going to say the same! :)
    Great idea to make the yoga top waistband! The piping is a great touch!