Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sure Fit Designs: Pants Kit - Part 2

I heard back from Glenda this morning. My goodness, people aren't kidding when they talk about the excellent customer service Sure Fit offers. Glenda has been very prompt and generous with her personal assistance when drafting and sewing these test pants.

After looking at the photos from the first test pair, it was decided that I pin out a horizontal wedge across the hip area to reposition the legs in a more centred position. This worked fairly well on the front, but then threw out my beautifully fitting back! Waa!

In the photos above, I've only pinned the wedge in the right hand leg. There are a mess of wrinkles on the pinned front leg, but I'm fairly certain this is due to the rough nature of the pinning.

But have a look at the back! Now they feel majorly uncomfortable and I have a massive wedgie going on. I'm thinking I may need to scoop out the back crotch seam, but I've (yet again) asked Glenda for advice. The pant leg is definitely more centred, but the back crotch is pulling. That's a bit weird to me because the back crotch length hasn't changed. It's almost like I need to take a wedge out of the front, but not the back.

I'm also wondering whether I need to add a little to the inseam in the thigh area. There is a little bit of pulling happening there, too.

Or, maybe, I've pinned the horizontal wedge in the wrong spot. What would happen if I pinned the wedge lower down, barely under the crotch line? I might try that in the morning and see if that makes a difference.

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