Sunday, August 2, 2009

Keeping track is a wonderful thing!

And doing it on the computer means I can't lose it!

One of the things I struggle with on a daily basis is my ADD tendencies. I'm great out of the blocks, but not so great finishing things off. I also tend to take on WAY too much, get overwhelmed, then abandon everything. Case in point, the LONG list of projects that need to be completed...

I'm not going to kid myself that I'll get it all done this week. I haven't got time, it's DD's birthday this week and I'm still getting sorted for her party. BUT, I can fit in a little bit of sewing each day. Hopefully, if I can choose to work on something from the list, I can finish something this week.

Projects completed since last update:

  • 11 x aqua sequin circle skirts - DONE (even including a couple of extras for last minute RSVPs)
  • 1 ruffly tulle dancing skirt (learning how to use ruffler foot)
  • Navy pants

Work done on:

  • Baby Quilt for Rachel's baby

Once this crazy birthday weekend is over, it's full steam ahead on crafty projects. I did some clothes shopping this last week, so I'm not under any pressure to finish anything up for our holiday, which helps enormously. It's funny, I'm so much more productive when I'm not under pressure.

Plans include clearing out some of that mountain of UFOs and making some shorts for our holiday. I'd also like to complete a mini-wardrobre ala Sherril. We'll see...

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