Saturday, August 8, 2009

Completed Projects for 2009

  • 37 hot pink sequinned circle skirts
  • 11 aqua sequinned circle skirts
  • Aqua/white sparkly tulle ruffly dance skirt
  • Navy pants (Burda)
  • Green print Kwiksew shirt
  • 1 sequinned Redondo for DD
  • 2 x black knit skirts for me (McCalls 5434 and Kwiksew 3412)
  • Blue/green/brown T-shirt for me (but too small)
  • Jade and black print knit dress for me
  • Jade/black mesh and black knit t-shirt for me
  • Black skirt with Jade/black mesh overlay for me
  • 1 x doll's quilt (first quilt for me - ever!)
  • Peasant Blouse
  • Baby jumper (knitting)
  • Black maternity dress for Rachel
  • Black knit pants (McCalls 5434)
  • Navy knit pants (McCalls 5434)
  • Green jungly knit mesh tunic top (Simplicity 3624)
  • Cream knit tunic top (Simplicity 3624)
  • Kharki Skirt (Simplicity 4701)
  • Ottobre straight skirt multi coloured stretch linen
  • Denim skirt (Simplicity 4701)
  • Puppy print nightie for DD
  • Chocolate brown wrap skirt (Ottobre)
  • Aqua slub knit tank top (Ottobre)
  • Ottobre gathered neck t-shirts x 5
  • Undies x 3
  • Cupcake pants for DD
  • Ladybug and Polka Dot pants for DD
  • Strapless navy top (McCalls 5434)
  • Spindle sundress (Ottobre) - wadder/nightie
  • Blue Tracksuit pants for DD - school uniform x 3

So far (8/8/2009) I'm up to 87 garments/projects completed this year. Granted most of them are fairly simple, but I need to fill up my wardrobe with enough clothes to get me through the basics, then I can spend some time on more involved and intricate projects.

ETA (14/8/2009):

Have finished a few more items - mainly UFOs - it feels good to get them out of the room!

  • Baby Quilt for Rachel
  • Doll's quilt #1
  • Black/Jade Print T-shirt
  • Green knit top
  • Brown jumper

ETA (18/8/2009)

  • Pink tracksuit pants for DD
  • Cupcake tracksuit pants for DD
  • Jade Knit Top (KwikSew 3658)

ETA (30/8/2009)

  • Black Burda Plus Pants

ETA (9/12/09)

  • Pink/White Bikini for DD
  • Orange Hawaiian Bikini for DD
  • Blue Hawaiian Bikini for DD
  • Bright floral one-piece swimsuit for DD
  • Black/Red Bikini bottoms for DD
  • Yellow/Pink Leotard for DD
  • Yellow/Pink Dancing Skirt for DD
  • Pink Leotard for DN
  • Pretty Ditty Apron for MIL
  • Watermelon linen shorts for Me
  • Striped Linen shorts for Me
  • White Shorts for Me
  • Pink Cupcake Hoodie for DD
  • MORE sequin circle skirts (about 30) for Dancing
  • White panties for Me
  • Doll's quilt #2 for DN

Now up to 141 projects for the year :-) And I've still got some Christmas sewing to finish.

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  1. WOW! That is great! I wish I could do half that amount for the entire year. You've accomplished a lot!!