Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hard to Believe

I know! I've just sewn up a muslin for the Burda Plus pants (Spring/Summer 2007 E952 #402) and this is what they looked like straight 'out off the tracing paper!'

I think they look pretty good already - no major funny things happening. I'm so excited. I have a feeling this is going to be my first proper TNT pants pattern!

Issues that I needed to address in the above pants:

  • side seams are pulling forward towards my belly
  • the waistband is a little too tight
  • the back is sitting out slightly at the top of CB and
  • the crease lines (which are on the grain) are not sitting perfectly straight.
So, I let the side seams out by 1/2". This has stopped any of the pulling and allows the side seams to sit at my side instead of towards the front. I also took a wedge out of the CB seam, angling it in towards the top of the WB. This makes the WB sit in nicely against my back. However, I still have the problem with the crease lines pulling in towards the inner leg.

I think there is my problem. I've got a little bit of pulling on my front thigh. I also find that if I push the WB down a fraction at the CF (or pull up the WB at the side seams) the crease lines hang straight.


I'm going to have one last look in my fit books to see about the thigh issue, otherwise, I think this pattern is good to go! I'd planned to use this pattern in my mini-wardrobe #1, so I've got two fabrics ready and waiting to go. Hopefully, by next week, I'll have a couple of pairs of new pants!

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