Friday, July 31, 2009

Regaining Focus

I have been sewing a lot, but, true to my normal ADD style, I haven't finished all things...

Completed projects since last update: (49 things! Yay!)
  • 37 sequinned circle skirts for dancing school
  • 1 sequinned Redondo for DD
  • Green print shirt for me
  • 2 x black knit skirts for me
  • black knit pants for me
  • Blue/green/brown T-shirt for me (but too small)
  • Jade and black print knit dress for me
  • Jade/black mesh and black knit t-shirt for me
  • Black skirt with Jade/black mesh overlay for me
  • 1 x doll's quilt (first quilt for me - ever!)
  • Peasant Blouse
  • Baby jumper (knitting)
Projects which need finishing
  • 9 x aqua sequin circle skirts - DONE (but now need to make another one for a last minute invite!)
  • Baby Quilt
  • 2 x Doll's quilts
  • Navy pants
  • Green knit top
  • Brown jumper
  • Jade knit top
  • Coral shirt
  • Choc/olive t-shirt
  • Watermelon linen jeans jacket
  • Jeans for me
  • Jeans for DD
  • Muslin for shorts
  • Pink cupcake hoodie for DD
  • 2 x tracksuit pants for DD
  • Beige panties
  • 3 x Bikinis for DD
I've also got lots of projects lined up for our upcoming holiday, but I'd like to clear a few things from my to-do lists first. If worst comes to worst, I'll just buy a few things.

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