Sunday, June 16, 2013 return to the sewing room.

I'm still crafting away although it seems as though I've lapsed into radio silence on the blog. That's OK. I'm sure no-one expired because of it...

While I've been all about the knitting lately, I have started to inch my way back into the sewing room. I managed to finish (but not take any photos of) a pair of summer PJ shorts for my daughter which I had cut out in November of last year. I know, right? I'm crazy fast at finishing a project!

Anyway, since that extraordinarily complicated project is now gone from my sewing queue, I'm excited to start something new. I actually bought some RTW clothes the other week. I had a few gift cards that were about to expire for Myer, so I trotted on in and found myself in the TS section. I tried on quite a few garments and decided that I liked some of them enough to spend someone else's money on them! ;)

To cut a long story short, I've decided to make a few garments myself that echo that style. Surely I can do for WAY less money than the ridiculous prices they were asking for relatively simple garments.

So, I'm starting with the Crafty Mamas Lovely Layers tunic. I thought I'd go with the scoop neckline and no sleeves so I could wear it with a layering tee underneath.

I'm planning to test it out with this fabric (second from the left) for my first attempt. This will go with some black leggings and a black layering tee that I already own, so it won't even be an orphan for a millisecond. I'm liking this plan already.

I happen to have some purple dry knit fabric from Spotlight that matches the print quite well. It's leftover from my Style Arc Creative Cate top. I'm going to make another layering tee to go with the tunic.

A TNT pattern for a tee-shirt is one of the things I've been working on since my last post. I'm close with the 2/2007 Ottobre t-shirt, but I need to double check my alterations before I cut into my gorgeous black linen knit that I bought from The Fabric Store last month.


  1. Looking forward to seeing them come to fruition.

  2. I think this is a great sewing/wardrobe plan. I look forward to seeing the results too!

  3. Love your fabrics and your plan.