Friday, June 21, 2013

Lovely Layers Tunic

After trying on a stack of TS tunics a few weeks ago, and just about passing out at the price tag, I decided that I could probably make one for myself. I settled on the Lovely Layers Top/Tunic from Crafty Mamas. I'd seen a few around the web, and thought they looked quite lovely indeed.

Typically, I wear a size 20 in RTW, but my measurements corresponded to the XXXL, so that's the size I chose. It worked. The tunic fit well without any alterations. The only issue I had was that the width of the longer tunic in the largest size did not fit on a standard 150cm wide knit. I chose to piece the front and back, knowing that you'd never be able to tell in the crazy print I'd selected for my test tunic. And I was right!

Not the sharpest photo I've ever taken, but it'll do for now. It was a wet and dismal old day here today.

It's a breeze to wear - which is a big plus in my books. I'm thinking I'm going to have to add another layer to go outside, though. It's a bit chilly here today.

Fabric: An ITY knit from East Coast Fabric

Construction Details:

2 hours tops! And I'm not a fast seamstress. This is one easy top to make. Yay!

It was almost exclusively stitched on the overlocker. The only time I used the sewing machine was to baste on the neckband, and to baste the second shoulder seam. I find I have real trouble getting a professional finish if I apply the neckband/binding to a shirt NOT in a circle if I don't baste that last shoulder seam before I stitch it properly. It ALWAYS shifts on me and makes this really messy looking join at the neck edge where it's really noticeable.

I did a rolled edge to hem the bottom, and a simple turn-and-coverstitch for the edge of the armhole.

For Future Versions (and there will be future versions!):
  • Redraft the armhole for sleeveless versions. I just like it a bit higher and a bit narrower at the shoulder when I'm layering it over other tops.
  • Adjust the side seam so that it fits on 150cm wide fabric.
Variations I'd Like to Try:

So, I've got lots of ideas for different kinds colour-blocked variations that I'd like to try. The motivation to try this pattern came from a bit of window shopping in the TS department at my local Myer store, so I thought I'd start there. Here are some of their styles that use colour-blocking. I apologise in advance for the visual overload, but I couldn't narrow it down any further. I can see a goodly pile of these tunics in my wardrobe this year. Now, I'd tweak most of these designs a little, but aren't there some great ideas for modifying this pattern?

All photos are linked to the relevant TS garment (as at 21 June 2013)...




  1. Love your tunic. It looks so easy to wear, just what I need right now.

  2. You've really nailed that tunic - it's a great look for you. No one would know it wasn't a TS!

  3. The way you have styled this is wonderful! Very flattering.

  4. You have done a great job. Looks fab on you. Really loving the look of those TS tops. Looking forward to seeing how you tweak this pattern to suit.

  5. I love your tunic, and I love the inspiration tops too - you have many happy hours of sewing ahead of you!

  6. Lovely tunic, and your styling is wonderful.

  7. Hi Kelley

    What a lovely trans-seasonal piece. I wonder if the fabric was a recent purchase - I'm visiting ECF's northside shop this week and would be very happy to pick up a length of that print. I'm following you now, so I look forward to seeing your other creations.