Sunday, May 27, 2012

That's It!

OK. Enough is enough. I've reached a point in my stash acquisition where something has to give.

I think I've been getting too bogged down in the fitting process and have been shopping to make up for it. Things have to change. I'm setting some limits and goals. I'm going to sew 50 items/garments before I can even begin to look at fabric/patterns again. I've started back at sewing lessons, so that should help. I plan to keep track of those projects here. I may not blog them all in detail, but I will at least mention them.

I've started a master list of all the projects which are currently waiting for me in stash. I haven't finished listing all the projects, but it's already over 100 so I figure that's enough to get me started. I'm fairly certain I have Crafter's ADD. If I don't keep a list of what I want to sew, I forget about it. I get sidetracked easily. I get great ideas for projects, I purchase for projects, I start projects, but I'm not so great at finishing them off. UFOs have been listed as well.

I've got more than enough fabric and more than enough patterns. In fact, I have a huge sewing room which is bursting at the seams (ha ha). I have to buckle down and sew some of these projects which have been planned and imagined for so long.

The items in green are currently in progress. I intend to finish those this weekend.

Fairly high on the agenda are some more winter pyjamas for my DD and a cuddly dressing gown for me. The weather has suddenly become a tad chilly in the mornings. Yay! I LOVE (Queensland's) winter!


  1. Pyjamas are fun to sew and usually quick, so you should get a good start on your list.

  2. I'm with you about stashes. I have so much fabric and so many patterns - I just need to sew. Good luck with it.