Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Queue

For me, this is what it's all about...the excitement of planning. Occasionally, the plans come to fruition. More often than not, something else catches my eye and off I go in another direction. BUT, if I don't have some kind of guiding list, then I tend to flounder and start doing something crazy instead, like housework!

So, I've got a couple of lists (you'll come to see that this is not unusual). I'm going to put the UFOs and Mending off to the side and keep updating them as I get to them.

Driving my sewing direction at the moment is the need for a winter wardrobe, a tropical holiday coming and a need to sew my way through my stash.

Firstly, a winter wardrobe. It is definitely a more pressing need than the travel wardrobe, but not nearly as exciting. I'm aiming to use up as much stash as I can before I buy new fabrics here.

So far I have available:

• Another chocolate brown crepe-y kind of fabric – maybe even use this one as a muslin! It’s not really that great
• Kharki medium weight fabric. I have no idea what it is or where it’s from but it certainly wasn’t expensive. Has some stretch.
• Red Ponte knit from Spotlight (or maybe a wrap dress)
• Chocolate brown crepe-y kind of fabric
• Two different kinds of black crepe-y kind of fabric - tons of one of them
• Navy Ponte knit from Spotlight (or maybe a wrap dress)
• Denim (Jeans)

• Kharki, cream, red, blue and chocolate Floral lightweight cotton (Peasant blouse)
• Animal print mesh & chocolate brown cotton knit (Wrap top)
• Eggplant rayon knit (long sleeve knit top)
• Mid brown rayon knit (long sleeve knit top)
• Kharki rayon knit (long sleeve knit top)
• Chocolate brown interlock & olive interlock (long sleeve knit top)

• Red satin-backed crepe from Bargain Box at Capalaba (A-line Skirt with chiffon band)
• Black-on-black embroidered stretch drill (Straight skirt)
• Winter White Ponte knit from Spotlight (Style?)
• Black/White polyester knit – large circles
• Black/white polyester knit – small geometric design

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