Saturday, February 28, 2009

On the table today

A whole weekend alone = massive plans for sewing

I've been quite busy this weekend sewing up some t-shirts from what is definitely becoming my first TNT pattern: Ottobre 2/2007 #4 (gathered neck t-shirt).

When I took my measurements, I was a size 48 at the bust and hip, a 52+ at the waist and a 50/52 at the arm. I cut out a size 48 and transitioned to a size 50 from the bottom of the armscye (is that the right name?). I also traced size 52 sleeves from Design #3 and just eased them into the existing armholes. I read about that tip somewhere a while ago and have used it successfully on a couple of occasions with Ottobre. Overall, it fit pretty well. I like the shape but I think it might be a bit big through the shoulders. The trouble is I chose a foul, busy floral print for my muslin fabric and I'm finding it hard to see any tell-tale wrinkles.

One fabulous thing about making this muslin was I got to try out my brand new industrial binding attachments for my CS/Serger. I used a 3/8" B-style binder and a chain stitch to do the neckline and it turned out pretty good for a first attempt. I practiced heaps before I let myself loose on the garment, though. I also read all the tips and tutorials out there in blogland until it felt like my eyes would bleed! All worth it in the end. I gained a heap of confidence and am now ready to try it on real garments.

I've cut out and mostly sewn a cream version. I got this fabric years ago at Spotlight for $2/m. It's a weird fabric, so I'm not going to be surprised if it falls apart in the first wash. It looks like crepe, but it's quite a heavy weight for a knit and it's got a ton of stretch. Anyway, it was a better choice for a muslin fabric as I could see the wrinkles near the shoulder line. I need to take in the shoulders by about 1/2". I'll give that a shot on the next ones. The cream version should still be wearable (at least for the first time). I used a cream FOE to finish the neckline on this one, using a tip I saw on Pattern Review last week. A MUCH better way of putting it on than how I had been doing it before. Still I made a ton of silly mistakes with this top and spent more time unpicking than actually sewing.

On the go at the moment are three more versions: a red print, a purple/white spot and a latte slub knit. All fabrics were purchased at Spotlight last week with this pattern in mind, so I'm not doing too badly there. This morning, I bound all the necklines and sewed up the shoulder seams. I have used a self-fabric binding on all this time. I had a couple of false starts but, overall, I'm happy with how the binding has gone.

I'll include photos later when the garments are complete.

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  1. This tee is my favourite! I'm keen to see your finished tees - looks like you need similar sizing to me and it's always handy to see what looks good on others.