Sunday, July 7, 2013

Clearly I'm not a bag lady...

I've wanted to make a project bag for my knitting for some time now. Being the queen of procrastination, it was quite possible that I would never have got around to it. But I was given a push when my friend, Sue, posted about sewing one of these bags:

So, I dutifully chose some fabrics from my stash and proceeded to put the bag together with much moaning over a couple of days. You see, not being a bag maker, I overestimated the thickness of interfacing I would need. I didn't want the thing to be flimsy, so in a complete overreaction, I used the thickest interfacing I had, effectively turning this cute little bag into a cardboard box. As I'm sure you can imagine, sewing cardboard doesn't equal easy OR fun. Oh well, lesson learned for next time.

This bag certainly does NOT represent the best sewing I've ever done, but at least it's finished. I'm not happy enough to use it as a knitting project bag, but it has been put to good use storing (secret) things in the bathroom cupboard.


I'm already planning my next version (using MUCH lighter interfacing) which I plan to use for my knitting. As well, I think these little lunch/project bags would make great teacher presents at the end of the year, and seeing as though I already have all the materials necessary to make them, they'd be virtually free!


  1. Cute fabric choices! It still looks really good even if a bit stiffer than you would like!

  2. Interfacing is so mysterious sometimes. I love the fabrics you used, and how you laid them on the handles.