Monday, January 28, 2013

Quick Update with Pics

Linen Dress Update

I know it's not very impressive, but at least there's been some progress. I had to give up yesterday. The lack of sunlight made it way too hard to see what I was doing.

I still feel like I'm all thumbs when I'm embroidering, but I don't think it looks terrible. I started at the back so I would have had more practice by the time I got to the front designs. I just have to remember it's at the bottom of the skirt. No-one's going to be peering at it up close.


As I mentioned yesterday, one of the stash areas I would dearly love to downsize is my collection of lingerie fabrics & laces and knit remnants. I'm posting a picture here of the piles as they currently are, so I can look back in 12 months and marvel at how far I've come (or not).

Lingerie fabrics and laces are on the top shelf and knits leftover from other projects are on the bottom shelf.

Stretch lace collection.

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  1. Love that light blue and brown together! Good luck with the stash-busting... :)