Sunday, January 27, 2013

First FO for 2013!

I normally slow down over the summer holidays, but this year it's taken me longer than usual to get back into my groove.

So, I wanted something easy for my first project. Combine that need with a pile of knit remnants and stretch laces, and I settled on sewing Ottobre's "Simply Basic" panties (5-2009-02).

I made a pair from chocolate jersey, leftover from my Sunshine Top. Luckily, I had some matching chocolate brown stretch lace in my stash. The fit was really good. I just needed to lower the front curve of the leg openings a little for subsequent pairs. To mimic that adjustment for this pair, I filled in that section with the lace.

To accomodate the lace insert, I didn't stitch elastic all the way around the leg openings, only the portion where there was no lace. This worked well for a seat-of-the-pants fix.

I've been wearing them all day and they are super comfortable - the ultimate test of underwear. I can see that pile of knit remants being put to good use this year. And, no, I won't be modelling any of them. You're welcome.

In related news, I've joined Cation Design's Stashbusting Sewalong to give me a little push in completing my 50 Stash Projects goal. I've committed to using 12 pieces of fabric from my stash. I really think I'll be able to do much better than that, but I thought it better to under-promise and over-deliver, than beat myself up over not meeting a goal.

The theme for January is "Itty Bits" - sewing up pieces of fabric which are less than one yard. Well, I can tick that off my list now, but I have many more smallish pieces that need to be used up. I can see myself happily sticking with this theme for the whole year!

Now I'm off to continue working on the embroidery for my linen dress! Wish me luck - this is a new venture for me, but I'm finding it quite fun so far.

(I'll add a more current photo when it's looking more impressive!)


  1. Congrats on getting your groove back! I keep telling myself that panties would be a perfect scrap-busting project for all my jersey leftovers, but I haven't tackled it yet. I can't wait to see the progress on the embroidery!

  2. I have been toying with the thought of doing some knickers (bras are beyond me). I have been envious of some of the ones i have seen. Good on you for scrap busting.

  3. Knickers are so great to sew from scraps - the ultimate stash busting! Plus you get the fun of jazzing them up with lace, etc. A very quick satisfying project! I cut out two pair yesterday - must go and sew them now we have power again! :)