Saturday, July 14, 2012

Project 13 of 50: Farbenmix Quiara

This is a TNT pattern for my daughter. She really loves the double sleeve and it's fabulous for using up little bits of leftover knits. I've made this pattern up several times before in both the t-shirt and the hooded tunic versions.

Farbenmix Quiara
This particular version is a bit special, though, because we've used some fabric (the striped knit) gifted to DD by my fabulous sewing cousin. It was a remnant that DD spied in the scraps box in her sewing room! Due to the economical nature of sewing for children, this t-shirt won't be the only project that incorporates this fabric. We've got a skirt planned for the rest.

The black cotton lycra was also a leftover scrap from a previous project, making this t-shirt virtually free! Yay!

I've found this pattern to be sized really well. I sewed a 134/140 for DD who is 136cm tall. She ordinarily wears a 128 for top garments and a 134 for bottom garments. The shoulders sit a little off the joint for this, but it's a t-shirt and I'm not going to be too fussy.

It was completely constructed on my overlocker/coverstitch machine.

Sadly, this garment isn't eligible for the PR Pattern Stash Contest as I've used this pattern before. However, the skirt that is next up in the queue for DD uses a pattern I've been meaning to make up for years!


  1. Yay for free garments! You're really powering along with your sewing. Good to see. I love that top!

  2. Wow! Up to 13! I love the double sleeve look and have a men's tee shirt pattern I would love to try but sadly none of my guys like it! *sigh*

  3. I love this style. And stripes are so in at the moment.
    I did a double sleeve garment as a save and I love wearing it on weekends.