Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Plans

I'm gearing up for some winter sewing...and making some Plans!

First up this month, I am DETERMINED to end up with a TNT pants pattern. One that I can just cut and sew. I've been working on a Burda Plus pattern that is getting closer but still has those dreaded wrinkles in the rear. I'm working on it...

I thought, in addition to the pants, this month I would aim to sew up 4 other garments. I'm mainly working on building up my wardrobe, so the majority of the sewing for the next few months will be for me.

I'm working on chocolate brown and ivory as the base neutrals for the first collection of garments. I certainly have no shortage of fabric that will fit that requirement.

I've already sewn up an ivory pair of pants

 and have several pieces of fabric that would be suitable for a chocolate brown pair.

For the rest of the month, I am looking to concentrate on blouses and tops that will go with the pants to create complete outfits. These are some ideas I'm throwing around:

First up, some woven blouses, using some of the sheers/georgettes I've been collecting:

I've already got a white piece of plisse laid out on the cutting board for my test version of this top. I hope it works because I could do with a white blouse eventually. Obviously, it's not going to work with my ivory pants, but I don't have any other fabrics handy that I'm prepared to sacrifice to the Fitting Gods.

Burda Plus Tunic (E004)

and, for that brown and teal print in the front, a Sorbetto tank top.

Next, I am looking to make some loose shirts or tunics.

I have several pieces of plain lightweight linen or cotton voile in a variety of colours that would work well with the ivory/chocolate brown theme - coral, green, bright purple, chocolate brown.

I've also got this print (the one on the left) that's been hanging around for a while. I think it's high time it got made up into something wearable. It's quite thin and has a bit of drape. (The print on the right is reversable and quite thick. It's destined for a jacket to go with this wardrobe, but not this month.)

Some patterns I'm considering are:
a Burda Plus shirt I've been wanting to make for a long time. I've actually made a muslin for this one, maybe that's a sign that I should do this one first...Of course, this one could be made up in some of the lighter linens I have been hoarding, too.
Apparently, I'm in the mood for non-traditional shirts, because this pattern has been on my pinboard for a while: Butterick 5218.
I've also traced off the Shapely Blouse pattern from the Perfect Plus book.

Finally, I've got a few knits (both plain and some prints incorporating brown) that need to be made up.

These are the knit patterns I've been eyeing off:

Hot Patterns Sunshine Top. These is one of my all time favourite patterns. I definitely need a plain brown, a print and an ivory one of these. They are just so easy to wear.

Style Arc's Creative Cate top. This one is new to me and I'm going to make it up in a plain fabric. I can probably see this one being worn under a jacket rather than on its own (for me).

New Look 6648. Another new to me pattern. I bought this one the other day from as a downloadable pattern. While I saved on shipping, after taping together the million pages and tracing off the pieces I needed, I'd happily pay shipping next time. This one was only up to size 16 so I had to size up a couple of sizes. Hopefully, that process will work.

I have a top like this Burda Plus t-shirt already. I love it and hope to emulate it in colour that will work in my wardrobe.

Finally, a selection of Ottobre t-shirts to round out the field. I love Ottobre's knit tops as a rule, so these aren't going to disappoint. I need to sew some basics to underpin the whole show, so I may start with some easy knit tops like these.

Well, as usual, I've got more plans than time, but I hope to make at least 4 garments this month. I've already sewn one, almost finished another and have the fabric laid out for a third, so I'm on target at least and it's only the 4th!

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  1. I like the round-up of patterns and fabrics. How great to be sewing with a plan!