Friday, January 8, 2016

Simplicity 1358: Knit Maxi Dress

Seems like January is the month for blogging for me! Ha. If I post one more time this year, I'll have doubled my posting rate from 2015. #lameblogger

First make of 2016!

View: A
Fabric: Poly Knit from East Coast Fabrics - Teal Peacock Print
Size: XL
Modifications: None

I bought this pattern because Spotlight didn't have the McCalls 6559 that I was really after in my size when I went shopping the other day. This looked close enough and had a few more options as well, although no bolero patterns.

Initial Assessment:

Disclaimer: The dress looks VERY different on the dress form as I haven't had a chance to adjust it to my shape/size just yet. She's very new (to me). 

  • Fits pretty well straight out of the envelope.
  • Weight of fabric is dragging it down further than anticipated, resulting in more bra showing than I'd like (which is none!).
  • VERY EASY to sew! Would love to have a couple more of these in the wardrobe.
  • Shoulder is slightly wider than I'd like
  • I really don't like attaching bands that have been pre-sewn into a circle.
Changes for Next Time:
  • Raise underarm by 1.5"
  • Shave 0.5" off shoulder width
  • Shorten dress before cutting (by 4.5")
  • Take in by 1" at bust, narrowing to 0" by waist
  • Attach bands before sewing second shoulder, side seams, etc.

Ideas for future makes:

  • Maybe try to add an elastic waist?

Finished: 8/1/2016

Sewing Stats: Stash used - 3.0m

I'm hoping that the recent acquisition of a dress form will increase the likelihood of photos being taken (and, therefore, blog posts written). Next step is to pad it out so that it really looks like my shape. I've just finished watching the Craftsy class 'Customise your Dress Form' and am itching to get going. I've got my husband lined up this weekend for a measuring and adjusting marathon, so hopefully I'll be able to move forward soon.


  1. Great to see you sewing and blogging about it again! I think that dress will look great on you. The hi-lo option would be nice on you too.

  2. Hi there! Love the dress and I agree with Sue that the hi-low would be a nice option also.