Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just a quick update

There is just over a week until my brother and his fiance get married. Fortunately, my daughter's flowergirl dress is finished (insert happy dance emoticon here!), her shoes are purchased and I've booked a mani/pedi for her with one of my friends who is a beauty therapist. So she's happy...

We took some preliminary shots this morning, just to make sure everything is how it is meant to be.

The ankle bracelets are going before the big day!

She feels pretty special. These are her first pair of 'heels'. We have plans to practise walking in them this week.

The dress for my niece has been received and deemed appropriate! Yippee! (And, it seems I've been a bit remiss, counting my niece's dress in my 50 Projects tally. What was I thinking? The fabric for these 2 dresses didn't come from stash, so I'll have to go back and change that.)

So the only thing that needs to be done is my dress. Contrary to all accounts, there IS progress being made. Just today I trimmed up the side seam allowances and neatened them. Up until this dress, I think I'd been taking my overlocker for granted. It's so time consuming when you can't serge seam allowances!

I've still got a fair bit to do, but I'm quietly confident that it will get done in time. After all, it's actually looking a bit like a dress now, rather than chunks of fabric.


  1. Gorgeous dress and shoes - your little girl looks lovely! Can't wait to see more! :)

  2. She looks very lovely and will feel very special on the day. Beautiful dress and shoes.

  3. Ah! The joys of the first pair of heels! Your daughter looks very grownup in her outfit. Well done Mum.
    I'm sure your own dress will look equally as gorgeous. Have a great time at your brother's wedding :)

  4. She looks great. I love the trim detail. I also just remembered my first pair of "heels"; they took some practice to get used to, haha!

  5. Oh, your daughter looks so pretty in that divine little dress you have made for her :) And silver heels? awesomeness!

  6. Those shoes are perfect! And great work on the dress. Your little treasure looks fabulous!