Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winter Tops

I've got a few plans in place for some badly needed winter tops. Unfortunately, my sewing mojo seems to have left the building...

I've got a rather large stash of knits that are suitable for these patterns, so I'm just going to pick one and make it up! I've just fitted the short sleeved version of the Weekender top so I think I might draft a long sleeve pattern for it and start with that one.

Ottobre and Burda Plus have a huge selection of fabulous knit tops suitable for winter. I'm also going to need to make some of these this winter. I think I could make one of each of these and still have knits left over in my stash and I've got more coming (YIKES!). What can I say...I love sewing and wearing knits! They're easy.
I live in a warm climate so have no great need for heaps of jackets and coats. However, the dead of winter is the only time I can legitimately wear them so I'm going to make a couple of cardigans or casual jackets. I have no need in my life for very tailored jackets at this stage. The following are the patterns in my stash that I am keen to try:

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